About Us

Welcome to Green Dragon Forest Farm Community!  We are a small cooperative community consisting of three families working together for right living.  We are located on 118 acres of beautiful, rolling river hills in Howard County, Missouri.  We specialize in pastured hair sheep, poultry, hogs, a small herd of dairy goats and horses.

Our sheep herd consists of mainly of Dorper and Katahdin crosses raised in a rotational grazing system.  Both breeds are hair sheep which shed their coats yearly and require no shearing, therefore, are raised easily for meat.  We use no antibiotics or medications, unless called for on an individual basis to maintain health.

We also raise Cornish X meat chickens and several Heritage turkey breeds on pasture.  Utilizing Salatin- style chicken tractors and electric poultry nets, we keep our birds outside on grass and move them through the pastures.  This benefits the animals and the soil.  The animals stay healthier on clean ground and fertilize as they go.  We have noticed amazing improvements in the growth and color of the grass that we run poultry over.

We also have a sizable flock of laying hens that have access to a large area of pasture that has been planted with various food providing trees, grasses and shrubs.

Our hogs are also raised on pasture using movable “pig tractors” and electric fencing.  They are raised free of antibiotics and medications and always on dirt!

Our dairy goats are American Alpines and also are kept on pasture year round and moved in a rotational system using electric nets.